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The Red Light special is a unique programme designed for women of all levels to explore their artistry, It allows you to find YOUR inner sexy, to explore what it means, what it feels like and what it looks like to YOU. 

Click on your nearest city below to join The red light special : wet edition near your city of choice. 

This programme is especially designed for our beginners to gain self-confidence with getting in front of a camera, learn a piece of choreography for 2 weeks and then performing it back to the group with their added twist to it. We've experienced a range of different abilities who join this programme and the outcome is always incredible. We've found that many women have said this programme has helped them find confidence in their everyday life. This programme produces MAGIC in just 3 weeks!! 


" 'Sexy' is just another word for CONFIDENT. When a woman feels 'sexy' she is UNSTOPPABLE. So don't try and down play her worth with your perception based on your own insecurities. She will NEVER apologise for being SEXY! " - Amber Rae 



Partner edition focuses on learning choreography and movement direction with a partner. 

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